About Us
Our Mission
With over a decade’s worth of techno functional expertise, we aim to help organizations connect the dots and create value for their customers. We partner with organizations to get into the predicaments, catalyze change and optimize their processes and operations, inside out. This empowers them with a competitive advantage to strengthen and transcend.
Our Team
We are a proud 100+ team of enthusiastic innovators, technical architects, developers, designers, digital specialists, data architects, business analysts, quality analysts, customer support managers and more, which together put in their best to help you evolve, simplify and strengthen.
Our Offerings
In the MFD segment, GoDigital was launched in collaboration with Kotak MF in 2017 and has been a success since. Our newly launched product Optimoney is the most simplified, economical & favorable business solution in the industry. Our customized wealth platforms and solutions at Aditya Birla Capital, Edelweiss Partners, Kotak Securities, Mahindra Finance, Reliance Smart Money, Prudent Corporate, SMC, AU Bank, NSDL and many more are playing a role in their successful transformation.

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